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the great escape

My name is Drew, and this was my LiveJournal. I actively blogged here for ten years from 2001 to 2011. There are some things about LiveJournal I will always love, things which in all that time have not been recreated by other social networking experiments anywhere (even ones costing millions of dollars and involving billions of people). There are a lot of other things about LiveJournal that have driven me bonkers since the day I started using it, and for those reasons, I eventually decided to start blogging somewhere else instead.

I think that, without a doubt, the very best of LiveJournal is exemplified by its functionality for creating online communities. I still very much enjoy participating in those, and to that end will probably "stick around" this site for many years to come (after all, I have a permanent account). This journal, however, is no longer being updated.

If you have any interest in reading my old entries, they've been copied over to the new digs in their entirety (and are archived under their own category). Eventually, I even plan to run back through them and add tags...something I was always hesitant to do here due to the effort involved. Comments, unfortunately, were not ported over chiefly because (due to several unrepaired bugs in LJ at the time of migration) that would have required some custom software development on my part which wasn't interested in doing. Additionally, as old friends have started to abandon LJ completely, several of them have decided to do a complete purge of their content. While exploring my old entries, I discovered that a lot of threads had been badly orphaned and were unreadable. By the time I migrated, there were less than 700 comments left for my 1400+ entries and many of the conversations had become incoherent due to all the deletions. That would only have gotten worse over time.

So here lies my old blog, may it rest in peace. Over time it's going to sort of decay, in a digital sense, as embedded media and images become broken links and comments continue to vanish. Rather than attempt to "clean it up" in some way, I'm just going to close the old entries off. If you're randomly curious though, all those entries will continue to be maintained (as much as possible) at their new home. I continue to believe, naive though this may be, that being transparent about your past is an excellent way to keep yourself humble in the future.